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Our Restaurants

Costa Verde has four unique restaurants. With the best of Costa Rican and international cuisine, our restaurants can satisfy every taste and provide a magical dining, entertainment and social experience.

Our Chef - Roberto Mora Calderón

Chef Roberto Mora graduated from the Culinary Institute of America, New York before working in some of the finest restaurants in northern New Jersey and Ft. Myers, Forida. After living in the United States for over 20 years, he returned to his native Costa Rica where he joined the team of the four restaurants of Costa Verde.

Roberto is in charge of our four kitchens. He will be happy to help you plan your wedding reception or rehearsal dinner, or any other special occasion.

You can contact Roberto to help you with your menu choices for any event - or to make a group reservation at either El Wagon, El Avión, BBQ La Cantina or the Wedding Pavillion.

Cel. 011-506-8419-2435   |    Office 011-506-2777-0384   |

Features casual dining elegance surrounded by grazing monkeys, jungle and ocean vistas and the best of Costa Rican and international cuisine--specializing in fresh fruits and seafood dishes.

Low season serving breakfast only. 6:30 am - 11 am
High season serving breakfast & lunch only: 6:30 am - 2 pm
Local Phone: (506) 2777-1973

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El Avión

Is a must-see bar and restaurant with an interesting history. The C-123 Fairchild plane has been converted to a pub and your food will be delivered from the kitchen on our fuselage dumbwaiter. Join the sunset crowd here to see and be seen. Wind down with informal dining, a pub-style menu and spectacular sunsets.

Low season: 1 pm - 10 pm
High season: 12 noon - 11 pm
Local Phone: (506) 2777-3378

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La Cantina BBQ

Lights up the main drag at night with our large wood fire BBQ. Relax and listen to the live rhythms of reggae and Latin music put on by the Jungle Boys. Enjoy the outdoor atmosphere and try one of our specialties such as premium cuts of beef, BBQ pork ribs, various fish and meat kabobs or whole Red Snapper.

Low season & high season: 4 pm - 10 pm
Local Phone: (506) 2777-0384

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El Wagon

Offers a lush jungle ambiance with a punch of color from the wild mosaic tiled floor featuring larger-than-life exotic animals. The kids will want to see this and find the birds, butterflies and sea horses. Hang out and fill up on fast and tasty food such as: Hebrew National hot dogs, wood fired pizza, nachos, the best 100% beef burgers in town and REALLY cold beer.
Hours: 11 am - 10 pm
Local Phone: (506) 4000-1543
Manager Cesar Cell: 8806-3901
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Keep Your Friends Close
and Your Pizza Closer

Best Pizza

El Wagon boasts an antique rail car as part of the dining experience; the wood siding and rails beneath it give it a unique feel and a place to enjoy El Wagon’s renowned pizza.

“We offer a wood fired Pizza, from a sidewalk café setting... and we especially enjoy seeing the connection this allows people to have with their meal... by watching the whole process and being part of it.”

Washington state transplant Peter Zobrist says, “I really like the pizza but Cesar the host is the pearl in this oyster. Nice work all around.”

Vacation rental home owner Joni Duncan says “Yum – I enjoy the oven fired Vegetarian Pizza with bacon and some good conversation with the management”.

English teacher and stay-at-home mom Caroline Farley Suarez agrees “El Wagon always serves a wonderful meal at a reasonable price. Sloth, monkey and boa sightings are a plus”. Whoa! Did she say boa? Luckily, snake sighting are extremely rare in Manuel Antonio.

Next to THE rail car is a large deck surrounded by jungle. THIS magnificent mosaic floor reflects the diversity of the treetops above and the sea below. Guests become captivated trying to identify butterflies and birds or exotic sea creatures such as THE octopus MOSAIC.

“Doing the mosaic floor at El Wagon was really fun“ SAYS MANAGEMENT, It also reflects a little of THIER eco-conscious style of business.

Around El Wagon you can find wooden furniture that has been produced by one of El Wagon’s NEIGHBORING, businesses from locally sourced wood. The wood fires that cook the renowned pizza are similarly fueled by timber that is recovered from either fallen trees or TREES THAT WERE felled for civic works, like the installations of the monkey-friendly insulated power lines:

“I don’t consider that recycling.” SAYS MANAGEMENT, “I consider that taking advantage of left-over stuff.” This business is both cost effective and contextually sensitive.

Cell: 8806-3901

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