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At Costa Verde, we love our monkeys! Our tag line, “Still more monkeys than people” is absolutely true. We cohabitate with the Squirrel (Titi), Howler and White Faced (Capuchin) monkeys. We take pride in having built a facility that both humans and our jungle friends can enjoy. Our property is contiguous to Manuel Antonio National Park and wildlife, so guests at Costa Verde are exposed to the area’s rich ecological diversity - monkeys, sloths, iguanas, and many species of birds and butterflies will share the grounds with you!

At Costa Verde, we just don’t “talk the talk”, when it comes to our commitment to making things better for our monkeys as well as other primates’ future on this planet, we truly “walk the walk”, each and every day! We are proud of our leadership in implementing creative new methods for a more sustainable enterprise at Costa Verde. Pura Vida! Check out our sustainability efforts.
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